Kniterator's Blank Canvas Yoke pattern is a unique any-size, any-gauge pattern that allows you to design your own colourwork yoke sweater!

Simply enter your desired measurements, and the gauge for your yarn and Kniterator will calculate all required stitch counts and produce a pattern with all the instructions to knit your sweater.

The yoke consists of four sections, with increase rounds between them.  For each section, Kniterator calculates all the possible widths of stitch patterns that you could fit into that section with an even number of repeats.

For example, if one of your yoke sections contains 380 stitches, Kniterator will let you know that you can fit:

  • 190 repeats of a 2-stitch wide pattern, or
  • 95 repeats of a 4-stitch wide pattern, or
  • 76 repeats of a 5-stitch wide pattern, or
  • 38 repeats of a 10-stitch wide pattern, or
  • 20 repeats of a 19-stitch wide pattern, or
  • 19 repeats of a 20-stitch wide pattern

When you select one of the possible stitch pattern widths, your pattern will display a blank grid that you can print out and use to draw your design.  You can also get a link to Stitch Fiddle if you'd prefer to draw your design from your computer.

As with all Kniterator patterns, you can choose to knit the body straight, or with shaping through the waist & hips.  You can also set your own sleeve length and cuff circumference.

The sweater is knit seamlessly from the top down, with two neck options: a provisional cast-on that allows you to raise the back neck with short rows before finishing, or a simpler version that creates a neckline that's the same at the front as the back.

If you calculate the sweater in a small child's size, Kniterator's "kid head adjustment" feature automatically widens the neckline a little, to ensure toddler and baby heads will fit comfortably through.

My sample is knit with Touch Yarns Merino/Possum/Silk blend.  This sweater will work well in a wide variety of yarns - try something chunky and rustic for a warm outdoors layer, or a smooth & fine fingering weight for a lighter weight sweater, perfect for layering.

Want to see what you'll get?

The free "Teeny Tiny Yoke" pattern is a full pattern description for a circular yoke sweater with a 20cm (8") chest.  Knitting a teeny tiny yoke sweater is a great way to get your head around the shaping method and play with yarn leftovers.

You can also use a teeny tiny yoke to test out colour combinations for your own full-size sweater.  Or why not make some in Christmas colours to decorate your tree with this year?

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