About Kniterator ™
Yet another top-down raglan calculator? Why?
Yes, yet another top-down raglan calculator! I (Tineke) have always been a fan of the existing top-down calculators that are out there, and have used many of them over the years. But they often lack row gauge calculations, leaving you to figure out your own shaping decreases for sleeves and body. And I often felt that I wished they had a little more oomph - more printability, more options, more flashiness. I have many more ideas for options on the kniterator - custom fitting options for waist, hip & arm measurements, different necklines, different sleeve types, and even options for cables, lace and intarsia.

Most important of all Kniterator should be a simple, fast, and affordable way to generate a seamless custom-fit pattern. We hope that less experienced knitters will use it to embrace seamless knitting too!

Why knit top-down?

Some people just hate seaming knits, and I'm one of them. The first cardigan I ever knit was a striped baby cardigan, worked flat. After I'd seamed it up it would have looked better if I'd stapled the seams together. Since then I've learned to love seamless knitting and I want to encourage other knitters to learn to love it too. A seamless top-down sweater can be tried on during construction, so you can adjust the fit as you go. Without seams to sew, once you've finished the body and sleeves you just need to weave in the ends and you're done!

But I can figure out my own top-down raglan!

You sure can! And we would encourage everyone to try it, at least once. But if you haven't done it before, or you aren't very confident with maths, or you just really hate maths, or you just plain can't be bothered, then we are here to help you out.

Is this just for experienced top-down knitters?

We hope not! You should have a little knitting experience, but the patterns generated by Kniterator should be easy enough for knitting your first top-down seamless sweater. If you're a beginner and you find your pattern is too complicated, please let us know.

Who are you people anyway?

Kniterator was the brain child of Tineke, a programmer and knitter/sewist/weaver. It has come about with a lot of help from her husband Linus, a sysadmin, programmer, woodworker and general all-round tinkerer.

Tineke has nearly 20 years software development experience in a variety of industries and companies, ranging from tiny startups to huge international banks. The main takeaway from those experiences has been that it's much more satisfying to work with something you care about. So as a knitting enthusiast she dreams of using her technical skills to build a service that has value for knitters and designers alike.

We'd love to hear what you think!

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Terms and Conditions


Kniterator accounts are personal, and may not be sold or transferred.
You may only sign up for one account.


Credits are personal, and may not be sold or transferred.
Credits can only be used on Kniterator, for as long as the Kniterator service exists. There is no cash equivalent, and patterns can not be refunded for cash.
Credits are valid for the garment / pattern type for which they are credited. In the future, Kniterator may, at our discretion, make credits tranferrable between garment types.


We encourage sharing of referral links on social media, blogs, etc. You may not, however, use any form of unsolicited bulk email for referral links.
Unless otherwise stated, any promotions are valid until further notice, and may be terminated by Kniterator at any time. There is, however, no expiry on credits unless explicitly stated.
If we suspect that a user is gaining credits fraudulently, then we will contact the relevant user to resolve the situation. We reserve the right to, at our sole discretion, suspend credits, or accounts due to fraud.

Patterns are intended for personal use

Kniterator patterns are intended for personal use. Please do not reproduce or sell a pattern generated by Kniterator. If you are a designer and want to use Kniterator as a way to provide your own designs in a customisable format to your customers, then we have a designers platform coming soon to enable that. If you want to sell garments knit from a Kniterator pattern, then I ask that you please credit Kniterator for the pattern.


Except for referrals, we will not share your details with anyone, without your explicit permission.
When you refer another user, they may see your email address, full name and Ravelry username after they have signed up
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The Kniterator is based on the "percentage system" popularised by Elizabeth Zimmerman. The base pattern should provide a good fit for most people, but remember it's a guideline pattern, so please do check the measurements provided, before you go ahead and purchase a pattern. If you knit your sweater and it really, really doesn't fit, we offer a money-back guarantee on the cost of the pattern. Just send us the full pattern that you used, details of the yarn you used, and a picture of you wearing the ill-fated sweater. Please note that we can not refund the cost of yarn, or any other materials used.