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Some notes

  • All measurements you provide in the form are finished measurements for the sweater, not your body measurements. If you want a close-fitting sweater with zero ease, then input your body measurements. If you want 10cm/5" of positive ease in the body, then add 10cm/5" to the chest size, etc.
  • Even if you're designing a close-fitting sweater, you probably want at least a little bit of positive ease around the top of the sleeve. The cast-on edge that occurs at the armpit doesn't stretch as much as the rest of the knit fabric, so a sleeve with zero or negative ease at the upper arm can easily feel tight, even if the rest of the sweater feels fine with zero/negative ease.
  • The sleeve length that you specify will be the length down to the end of the ribbing, and instructions will be included for 5cm/2" of ribbing within that length.
  • Similarly the overall body length that you specify is the length down to the bottom of the ribbing, and the instructions will include 5cm/2" of ribbing at the hem.
  • Instructions will be included for 3cm/2¼" of ribbing at the neckline. Since that ribbing draws the neck opening in somewhat, the final neck size can be a little smaller than the size you see specified here. If you think that will be too small, you can use the custom crew neck size feature to increase it a little, or you can finish the neck a different way (eg an applied i-cord edge).