Grace, a raglan tee, and Aise, a tank, both feature a lovely and delicate Japanese lace motif.

I named the patterns so because we are often so hard on ourselves, whether it’s critiquing our intelligence, our bodies, our voices, etc., there is often something to beat ourselves up over.

Learning to grant myself grace and ease has been a years-long journey. I’m still learning it. But I’ve found that it just feels so much better when I talk to myself the way I would someone that I care very much about. Would I talk to my best friend in a cruel and condescending manner? No! So why would I do the same to myself?

It is difficult to find patterns, garment designs especially, that can accommodate the diversity of shapes and sizes that are present in our fibre community. That is why I believe Tineke’s work at Kniterator is so important. Through her science and math know-how, with my artistic eye for design, we hope to be better able to provide patterns that more people can enjoy, as we are all worthy of some grace and ease in our lives.

If you want more details about the samples shown for these patterns, use the links below:

Grace pattern information

Aise pattern information

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