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It's the perfect match ... a camisole with a light cardigan to keep the chill off your shoulders.  With this two-pattern bundle can knit your perfect fitting camisole and a custom-fit Ripple cardigan for the best layering combination!

Heading into summer?  Knit your camisole in linen, cotton or viscose for a soft & drapey top, and Ripple with short or elbow length sleeves.

Heading into winter?  Go for a camisole in fine, smooth sock yarn for a warm underlayer, and make Ripple cosier with full length sleeves and a wider band around the neckline so you can close it with a pin.

When you buy this bundle, individual credits are added to your account for each pattern.  When you've got your gauge and measurements for each garment, you redeem your credit to get the pattern generated & placed in your account.  If you find that your gauge when you start knitting is different from when you swatched, you can email us and we'll happily make a gauge adjustment and re-calculate your pattern, because that can happen to the best of us!

Get the Camisole + Ripple bundle

You are buying the Camisole + Ripple bundle, consisting of:

  • 1 Blank Canvas Camisole pattern credit
  • 1 Ripple Cardigan pattern credit

Pattern cost: $8.50

When you buy this bundle you get credits applied to your account for each pattern. When you're ready to customise a pattern to your gauge and measurements, click on "Credits" under the "My account" menu to view all your credits. Then click through on the one you want to redeem, customise it, and you're ready to start knitting!

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