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Here in Sweden, I live in cowls from September through March (and sometimes beyond!) not just because they're warm, cozy and practical but also because they are such a quick and easy knit that it's been easy to fill my wardrobe with them!

The Kniterator "Blank Canvas" cowl pattern is just that - a simple stockinette cowl that you can embellish with your own colourwork, textures, cables or lace.  You can also just use the base pattern to make your yarn sing - check out our downloadable "4 simple cowls" PDF guide in the Resources section for some easy ideas for making unique cowls!  (can't see the Resources section?  You need to be logged in, if you don't have an account then just hit the "register for free" link above!)

Oh, and cowls make a fantastic Christmas gift too ... just sayin'

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