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My childhood was smattered with South African influences, my Mum having been born there.  We ate boerewors and biltong and bobotie.  My Nana's house was a treasure trove of beaded Zulu ornaments and animal skins.  But we never had a real braai - the fire pit/barbeque that becomes the kitchen and living room of South African outdoor living.

Fast forward to adulthood and I've been able to visit South Africa twice now.  Both visits were in their winter and involved many meals and many late evenings huddled around the braai, leaning into the warmth from the flames and listening to the sounds of the bush.

The Braai Cowl is an homage to this cosy tradition.  The simple zig-zag pattern is easy to memorize, making this a simple, soothing knit.  I hope you can find a braai, a campfire, or an indoor fireplace to gaze into while you knit your cowl.

You can knit this cowl in any gauge and any size - consider a heavier, rustic yarn for winter hikes, or something fine and fluid for commuting to work in the autumn.  If you want a longer cowl that you can double-wrap then go for a big circumference (100cm or more), for a snug one that hugs your neck aim for around 50-55cm.  The two samples shown have a circumference of 60cm.

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